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Curtain Glass With Aesthetic Significance


While walking through random streets, you might have seen the modern buildings surrounded by glowing clear glass curtain walls. Don’t they look stunning? Apart from its aesthetic traits, curtain walls are also favorable to keep the building protected from the outside world, and weather, and works as insulators.In order to get the basics of curtain wall glass, you must read on to the following blog. 


A Glass Curtain Wall- Highly Durable!


Buildings that have glass curtain walls are pretty maintained and secured! But what actually is this term? A glass curtain wall is almost 13 feet higher and made with strengthened glass to keep thieves, weather consequences, and outer materials away from the building interior. It protects the inside temperature and environment and makes it appealing from the outside. Due to the usage of toughened glass, one can feel safe around these walls and these curtain walls stand for a longer period than the regular glass storefront glass. 





How To Use Wall Curtains?


Curtain walls are not specified for commercial buildings, you can use curtain wall glass to separate two spaces and protect the building from the exterior atmosphere. Whether it’s your home, office, or any other commercial area, you can still opt for wall curtains by keeping in mind their traits and purpose. 


Which Glass is Recommended For Wall Curtains?


Projects like installing wall curtains need more security and keen selection. The sort of glass opt for wall curtains depends on the security level you need. Here below are two strengthened glass types that are perfect to replace as a glass curtain wall. 


Toughened Glass– Tempered glass is uniquely manufactured by maintaining hot and cold temperatures to bring more strength. If you need to install curtain walls at home, or a store, it’s a perfect choice! 


Laminated Glass– For large buildings and extra security, laminated glass is mostly preferred, as it’s made by sandwiching a PVB layer in 2 toughened glass panes to avoid breakage.





How Thick Should Be The Glass for Curtain Walls?


Well, typically laminated glass is most commonly used curtain wall glass in huge buildings to cover the entire exterior structure or two separate two or more peripheries. It is usually said by experts that the thickness of the Polyvinyl Butyral sheet within the laminated glass should be more than 0.76 mm. This is how you can protect the glass buildings and make them stand glamorously for decades. 




What’s The Difference In Curtain Wall Vs Full Length Window Vs Storefront


Well, a curtain wall can be constructed via many materials like stone, cement, metal, or glass. Within the glass walls, there’s a little dubiety among curtain walls, storefronts, and full-length windows. Let’s clear it out! 


1. Curtain Walls


Curtain walls are however usually thicker, stronger, and higher than storefronts and they can be 8 inches deep. Well, these are best applicable for commercial buildings and multiple stories at once.


2. Full-length Windows


Full-length windows are oversized windows that appear like an entire wall made with glass panels, but it can be either wall among the others. It’s a floor-to-ceiling huge window kept supported by the sab, installed below and above. It’s again, applicable to a single story and residential buildings.


3. Storefronts


Storefronts are the glass walls of the stores that are built on the ground floor and facing the street’s side. These glass panels are not more than 10 feet higher and best for retail stores on the ground floor. 

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