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How is the curtain wall connected to the building? What materials are there?


As more and more professional technologies can be popularized and used, the effect of extending the effect in many industries is also deeply concerned by the public. In the construction industry, the frequency of use of curtain walls is also very high, which is a good illustration. The effect after use is perfect. Curtain walls are now divided into many types, so under normal circumstances, how are the curtain walls connected to the building? What are the material choices?


How is the curtain wall connected to the building


1. Installation and use of the frame


No matter how to improve the appearance of the building, it can be done by relying on the curtain wall. This is very worthy of attention. How is the curtain wall connected to the building now? When installing the curtain wall, it is necessary to build the skeleton on the outer wall of the building in advance, and splice the materials on the skeleton one by one, and then complete the fixation.


2. The use effect is very good


How is the curtain wall connected to the building? For the construction industry, the use of curtain walls can show good use support, and can also show high-quality, safe, and reliable construction guarantees. The protection of the building is also very good, so that the building can avoid direct rain and sunlight harm.


3. Description of the materials used


Now the construction industry is also very concerned about the construction and use of curtain walls, and the results are very good. The outstanding use advantages and professionalism are very trustworthy. How is the curtain wall connected to the building today? Different materials are used, and the installation methods are also different. You can choose slate, glass, and metal plates.


The above-mentioned content is the content that many industries are concerned about now. The construction industry uses curtain walls extremely frequently. It is also because of this that the question of how the curtain wall is connected to the building will attract the attention of many industries. The material of the curtain wall will directly affect the way of installation.


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