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How is the glass facade constructed? What are the requirements during the construction process?


The glass facade is better in terms of aesthetics, and the current application effect is also very good. In fact, in the process of understanding the glass facade, how the glass facade is constructed has become a concern of some people. During the construction process, the various details involved should be carefully considered.


How is the glass facade constructed


1. Technical specifications cannot be ignored:


If you want the quality of the glass facade after the construction is completed, it is important to know the technical specifications during the construction process. From the technical specifications, it can be noted that various issues such as support materials, sealing materials, and glass conditions are all very significant, and these conditions should be better paid attention to.


2. The size requirement is very important:


Pay attention to the specific issues of how the glass facade is constructed, and the size requirements in the actual construction process are very significant. Both the horizontal and vertical dimensions should be determined according to the actual situation, and the problem of dimensions is understood. If there is a need to change, the user needs to customize it.


3. Performance should meet the requirements:


The effect of glass facade to be used is very good, and the actual performance issues should also be treated well. The treatment of specific steel surface anti-corrosion, the treatment of insulation between different metals, and the performance of curtain wall products during use are all very important components.


When it comes to the question of how the glass facade is constructed, it will require better attention to the conditions. And in terms of quality, it should be taken seriously, the effect after the actual production is completed will be very ideal. I hope that all builders can pay attention to these basic conditions seriously, and the results after the completion of the construction will be very satisfied.


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