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How is the glass facade insulated? How is the situation in production?


The aesthetics of the glass facade during use is very good, and the use of glass facade on the outside of the building has a high level of comfort inside the building. In fact, it is very good in terms of heat insulation, but when building the glass facade, how to heat the glass facade building should also be very well understood.


How is the glass facade insulated


1. Attention should be paid to the organic heat insulation system. When analyzing the heat insulation of the glass facade, the organic heat insulation system has become a very important part of the content. The insulation strip is made of composite insulation material and installed in the keel of the curtain wall. The feedback related to the insulation during the specific use process is very good, and this part of the problem should be dealt with seriously.


2. Need to understand the inorganic insulation system. There are many issues involved in how to heat the glass facade building, and the issue of the inorganic heat insulation system should also be paid attention to. The thermal insulation blanket made of composite thermal insulation materials has a good overall thermal insulation effect within the keel where the curtain wall is installed during specific use.


3. The actual operation needs to be mastered. Pay attention to the heat insulation of glass facade building. Specifically, in the glass purchase process, the actual glass itself has very good heat insulation. It is precisely because of these related situations that some basic effects brought by the use process are very good, and they should indeed be well analyzed.


After grasping how the heat insulation of these glass facade buildings are, the actual construction of glass facade can also be well analyzed. Only in the process of construction, every detail and the craftsmanship of each part are carefully paid attention to, so that the actual state after the completion of the construction will be very good.


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