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How long can the curtain wall last? What aspects affect the service life of the curtain wall?


The curtain wall plays a role in decoration and protection of the appearance of the building, so the curtain wall has become a product that many people are very concerned about. When analyzing the application of the curtain wall, the question of how long the curtain wall can be used should also be paid attention to, so that the diversified use of the situation can be better analyzed.


How long can the curtain wall last


1. Curtain wall structural parts need to be mastered


In the process of understanding the service life of the curtain wall, when building the curtain wall, the structural parts have become a very important part of the composition of the accessories. Whether the specific structure fails or not and whether the connection of the structure fails or not needs to be clear, and the aluminum alloy profile is also very important in terms of material, so that the overall life span can be guaranteed.


2. The structural bonding of the curtain wall needs to be understood


Concerning the basic issues involved in how long the curtain wall can be used, friends should also note that the bonding structure of the curtain wall is very important. The situation of the structural adhesive of the bonding part and the operation technology of the bonding part should be treated well, so that the use situation is better.


3. The unit glass of the curtain wall is critical


In the process of building curtain walls, unit glass often becomes a very key component. In the concrete construction, the glass conditions of various comprehensive configurations should be well understood. Only when the quality of the unit glass is guaranteed, the life of the actual curtain wall will be very long.


In the process of building the curtain wall, pay attention to the control of each of the above parts, so that the answer to how long the curtain wall can be used will be longer. Only when every step of the construction is better understood, and every part of the material is paid attention to quality assurance, so that the service life can meet the needs of the use process.


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