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How long can the curtain wall last? Does it need to be maintained?


The use of curtain walls has good support for many industries, especially in the construction industry. The application value that can be demonstrated is very high, and the outstanding stability is also good. Now the types of curtain walls are also richer, and the advantages and conveniences they bring are also more. Just like this, you can also choose more suitable curtain walls. Under normal circumstances, how long can the curtain walls be used? Does it need to be maintained in use?


1. Life span after use


After any product is used, there will be a problem of loss, so the service life is a normal thing. Nowadays, the installation and use of curtain walls is also extremely common, so there are many industries that pay attention to how long the curtain wall can be used. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for about 25 years, and the service life is relatively long.


How long can the curtain wall last

2. Description of the advantages of use


Many industries are now concerned about how long the curtain wall can be used. The main reason is the use of the curtain wall, which can play a decorative effect, and can also increase the effect and convenience of use, which is worthy of attention. The use of curtain walls can bring decoration and protection effects to buildings, and presents many advantages.


3. Regular maintenance is required


As the construction industry pays attention to the installation of curtain walls, it is natural to pay attention to the service life, so how long can the curtain wall be used? In fact, maintenance work can also extend the service life, which is worthy of attention. You can use operations such as regular cleaning, gluing, and detection of loose parts.


The above content can provide a lot of support for many industries. At the same time, the question of how long the curtain wall can be used has also attracted the attention of many industries. As long as the normal maintenance is carried out, it can be used with peace of mind for decades. It's not a problem, and the decorative effect it brings is also good.


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