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How long does it take to install the facade? Is the installation time long?


Facade installation is relatively common in our lives. When we want to install the facade, everyone will consider the time of the facade installation. How long does it take to install the facade?


1. Time to install the facade


In terms of exterior wall construction in rural areas, construction should generally be carried out according to all the number of construction workers or the surrounding environmental factors. All construction materials must be considered, so it takes about a month or so in the actual construction process.


How long does it take to install the facade

2. Manual installation of the facade


There will be many installation standards during installation. Generally speaking, in the process of facade installation, two barrels on the wall are enough. You need 20 bags of putty paste, which is about 300 yuan. Shovel it off, then scrape the putty, and then sand the wall with sandpaper. In this case, two workers can be selected, and all construction can be completed in about three days.


Glue will definitely be left during installation. Whether the wall will be damaged or not, it still depends on whether the pasted is firm. If the pasted is good, it will be difficult to peel off all the wallpaper, not only will it stay. Gluing, sometimes tearing the wallpaper, leaving a part of the wallpaper. At this time, all the wallpaper must be cleaned, and the remaining part of the wallpaper needs to be moistened with water, and then the putty layer may be damaged.


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