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How to build a curtain wall? Which methods are more important?


There are still many factors to consider in the actual construction of curtain wall. In fact, many people do not know the color, material scale and direction of these curtain walls very clearly. How to build curtain wall, we are actually constructing What kind of modeling techniques should be used in the process?


1. Addition


All kinds of different geometries are effectively combined, so that an abstract or richer facade form can be produced.


2. Subtraction


The most basic geometric forms are arranged together regularly, and the building is cut, so that the original shortcomings can be effectively subtracted, and they will gradually form a brand-new form.


How to build a curtain wall


3. Bump


When constructing the curtain wall with this method, the most significant thing is to make the whole building produce a kind of virtual and real change.


4. Interspersed


As an intersecting form, beauty must combine the entire face and body with each other, and the interspersed bananas can also be interspersed between the two parts of the narrative, thus forming a new form.


5. Rotate


The concept of moving one or several parts around a center generates a certain process, changing the formal spatial direction, and adapting to different environmental correspondences in this way.


6. Break


In a short period of time, various forms can be consciously broken and destroyed, which can invisibly stimulate the participation of every artist, and can also form a closed building through a breakthrough method.


How to build a curtain wall? The above construction methods are relatively common. In fact, such a construction method can bring a better construction experience invisibly. In addition, you can also choose a dislocation construction method.


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