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How to build a glass facade? What are the key points of construction?


In the construction process of glass facade, all external wall structure materials must be fully considered. How to construct glass facade? What are the key points of construction?


1. Exterior wall construction of glass facade


When all buildings are under construction, the outside walls must be cleaned first, because all the dust on them needs to be cleaned, and the mosaic or tiled walls must be cleaned up, so that the construction can be ensured in a short time. There are quality requirements. If there are cracks on the wall to be constructed, it is best to clean it first, otherwise there may be some stains during the construction process, which is difficult to deal with later.


How to build a glass facade


2. Bottom ash construction of glass facade


The bottom ash construction is also more important. The demand for external materials is relatively large. The binder of blank cement or some white cement glue is added. This material itself is not a standardized material requirement, but their price is relatively cheap. It may appear yellow or burst, and a reasonable ratio of water to glue can at least ensure that the product will not have quality problems during the construction process.


3. Painting construction of glass facade


The painting construction of the primer is also more significant. The primer has the function of anti-alkali, waterproof or anti-mildew, and can ensure that the base layers are glued together reliably, and the decoration of the outer wall of the building of the primer is also very significant. The entire primer is usually divided into oily paint or other paints that can perform better in buildings.


How to build a glass facade? In the construction process, we must learn some of the above construction steps. In addition, it is recommended that everyone should do a good job of insulation construction on the outside of the wall. Only in this way can we meet the needs of every construction link.


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