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How to build a glass facade wall? What are the processes?


Which facade and wall buildings are very popular now? Although people have different ideas, they continue to understand and soon everyone will know that the glass facade wall has been loved by more people. How to build a glass facade wall? What are the specific processes? Friends who are concerned about these things can help themselves figure out what to do next through enough introductions.


1. First determine the construction drawings:


How to build a glass facade wall? Since most of my friends don’t understand enough, they think things too much trouble. After we accumulate more experience, we can know to cooperate with any construction company, communicate first, design drawings, and carry out construction operations in accordance with the requirements of the drawings. It's a very important thing.


How to build a glass facade wall

2. The specific process:


Now we can talk about how to build a glass facade wall. People will think that the construction steps are very cumbersome. In fact, it is relatively simple and time-saving. Leveling, rear-embedded plate installation, frame installation, fire and lightning protection panel installation, cleaning and gluing, acceptance, completion, etc., are the general processes.


3. A certain curing time is required:


The more you understand how to build a glass facade wall, the friend who was distressed will be more at ease and can make the construction decision faster. Since the glass installation requires glue injection, it takes at least seven or eight days to fully cure.


Where can I customize the glass facade?


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