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How to build a house facade design? What design experience do you have?


If you want to talk about the facade of the house, when designing the scenery, most of the things that come into view are the so-called building facades. Generally speaking, comfortable light or excellent building facades can Bring us a better experience, how to build a house facade design.


How to build a house facade design


1. Determine the architectural style of the house


If you want to build the facade better, not only the design must determine the architectural style of the house, because all the houses on the outer surface of any house are mass-produced. In the actual production, it is necessary to take into account the beauty of the public. Therefore, in all the residential building areas that exceed the current Liu style architectural elements to imitate, they have to re-arrange and combine. After clarifying the style, it can bring a better experience in some architectural styles. It needs to be refined to each type of architectural element, and through classicism as an example, generally speaking, it needs to be specific to some different classicist buildings. The element serves as the main reference.


2. Sort out the overall architectural lines


When designing the facade of the house, it must be clear. All architectural elements must be combined with the existing building functions, and the lines that appear on each facade must be sorted orderly, and the roof treatment or window frame treatment must be taken into consideration. There is also the treatment of all balcony eaves. Let the entire facade of the building form some key overall impressions in an orderly manner, to bring a better architectural line experience.


How to build a house facade design? In the actual construction process, all designs must be considered. In addition to some of the above elements, the material of the key nodes must be processed.


Where can I customize the facade?


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