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How to design the facade of the house? What are the design elements?


When designing the facade of a house, some design elements are the most important. How to design the facade of the house? In the actual design process, we must consider all aspects of design experience.


1. Present detailed material effects


When we design the facade of the house, we must determine the direction of all materials, and then compare the colors of the entire material, and further determine the type of material, so that we can understand the processing technology of each material. Among all the material effects presented, it is necessary to combine the material model, and to use all the material design as the main reference design on other buildings to be more refined, and to fully consider each in the design details. The cost and proportion of these materials can better allocate the overall cost under the condition of limited cost control, while also ensuring the appearance of all facades.


How to design the facade of the house


2. Refined design and construction drawing details


When designing the facade of the house, it is necessary to finely set all the construction drawing details, supplement the design or the construction of the project for the main design, and fully draw various special nodes on the facade or section. The material. In this way, the relationship between building pipes is installed to ensure that the entire building facade fully takes into account the interference of all facades, to ensure the appearance of the facade to the greatest extent.


How to design the facade of the house? In the actual design process, everyone should consider some of the above design factors. In addition, it is recommended that every house builder should fully consider the architectural style of the house. Only in this way can we ensure that the house will bring a better experience during the construction process.


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