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How to install curtain wall? What kind of decoration process is there?


The curtain wall installation is more common in our lives, because if you want to decorate, you must install the curtain wall effectively. How to install the curtain wall?


1. Civil installation of curtain wall


In the process of time installation of civil construction, effective installation can be carried out on entering the site or other places, and related transformations should be made to the hydropower, and the places where the buried wires should be sealed should be concealed. For water and electricity renovation projects or waterproofing projects and the bathroom or cabinet floor, it is necessary to do a 24-hour closed-water experiment. In the bathroom and kitchen, you can choose floor tiles.


How to install curtain wall

2. Grassroots treatment of curtain wall


Grassroots treatment is more important. It is good to hang the ceiling or process the plaster corners. It is good to make various wooden door shapes simultaneously, and the decorative panels must be effectively pasted, and the lines must be made, and The installation should be done in a refined place, the base layer of the wall should be treated, polished and leveled.


3. Detailed treatment of curtain wall


Detail processing is more important. During the actual processing of all the details, the paint must be processed in many ways, and floor tiles must be laid on the ground, and solid wood or composite wood floors must be treated well. Spread a layer of marble strips on the surface, as well as baseboards. It is necessary to do a good job in the installation and debugging of door locks, and also to do related inspections in terms of cleaning and sanitation or patching joints of floor tiles.


Where can I customize the curtain wall?


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