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How to install curtain wall modules? What are the installation elements?


During the actual installation of the curtain wall module, it will be able to bring better installation instructions. In fact, many people are not particularly clear about how to install the curtain wall module.


How to install curtain wall modules


1. Installation instructions for curtain wall modules


Simply put, the curtain wall is the maintenance of the so-called building exterior wall is not a load-bearing wall. In this case, it is like a curtain to be hung up. It is a lightweight wall with decorative effects in the process of all large-scale rhythms or high-rise buildings. However, when the curtain wall module is installed, it is also an indispensable technology in the facade of the construction industry. The volume of the curtain wall module is relatively small, and its function cannot be ignored. You must consider precautions during the installation process.


2. Curtain wall module quality control


At the construction site of all curtain wall modules, the risk factor is still relatively high. It is necessary to make a log of the construction, and there are many checklists or construction inspection records for quality control here, as well as other building materials. In the actual construction process, relevant inspections are strictly carried out in accordance with the construction process. After the acceptance is passed, the relevant work can only be performed after the qualified engineer has passed the concealment. The quality of the whole process must be done well, strictly controlled and all inspection and measurement tools must be done well, which must be approved by the inspection department.


How to install the curtain wall module, in addition to some of the above work, everyone should also make relevant preparations. Before installation and construction, the construction site must be measured and positioned, and each measurement data must be strictly marked on the drawing to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the installation in all aspects. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that there is a formal construction process.


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