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How to install facades in commercial buildings? What are the installation principles?


If you want to install the facade in a commercial building, you must comply with the current installation principles. How to install facades in commercial buildings?


1. Design principles


When installing the facade, it is important to consider the existing design and modern architectural design. It is necessary to consider the exterior design of the commercial building, as well as all commercial designs.


How to install facades in commercial buildings

2. The principle of rationality


While designing, it is necessary to meet the rational design principles of all cities. For commercial buildings, it is the design of consumer centers for all consumer groups. Experience, the appearance of commercial buildings and the design of the environment should follow the human-oriented characteristics. According to the selected address to carry out the rational design, according to the customer's speed and the current time, choose the commercial architectural design, and carry out the commercial plan according to the passenger flow.


3. Principles of Urban Planning


Commercial buildings can be regarded as the most significant part of all urban planning. The exterior design of commercial buildings must take into account all urban planning, and the design should not be all-or-none, and must meet every feature of current urban planning. Only in this way can the appearance of commercial buildings match the characteristics of the city, and all commercial buildings can be fully integrated into the city. Although commercial buildings are only one of the many buildings in the city, designers must give full play to their creativity And imagination.


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