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How to install the curtain wall on the exterior? What is the process for installing the curtain wall?


The installation of curtain walls has become a very important part of the city. In fact, many people may not have a thorough understanding of the installation of curtain walls. How do I install the curtain wall on the exterior?


1. The process of installing the curtain wall


When installing the curtain wall, use theodolite or some other equipment to confirm the position of the wall. If glass material is used, cut the glass according to the size of the design drawing to see if the actual size matches the size to be installed. According to the measured center position of the connection point and the corresponding tool to fix the connector, install it according to different glass curtain walls, from bottom to top, if it is a metal or wood glass curtain wall, it should be done from top to bottom Install. During the entire installation process, the glass needs a combination of glue, and other materials need to be fixed with connectors or screws and nuts. Make effective connection and construction according to the nodes specified on the drawing and the design of the glass curtain wall.


How to install the curtain wall on the exterior

2. Sign the curtain wall installation contract


The contract for installing the curtain wall is very important. Everyone must sign the relevant contract when installing the curtain wall. Because all curtain walls have to be entrusted to a professional company during the installation process, a contract must be signed. In this regard, as long as the two parties sign the contract, everything will be handled in accordance with the contract.


Where can I customize the curtain wall?


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