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How to install the glass facade? What kind of installation skills are there?


During the actual installation of glass facade, the relevant installation skills must be complied with, otherwise effective installation cannot be carried out. How to install the glass facade?


1. Choose tempered glass


During the time installation process of the glass facade, it is recommended that you choose tempered glass or some other glass material. The thickness of the tempered glass should not be less than 12 mm. Generally speaking, the glass has to be in direct contact with the steel nodes. In this case, there should be elastic materials that match each other between the two. In the process of actual design, if the glass facade is designed with glass guardrails embedded on both sides, when the glass penetrates into the notch of the column, there will be a gap of more than three millimeters on both sides. For these voids, all of them can be effectively filled with glass sealant, and the final embedding depth of the draft cannot be less than 12 mm.


How to install the glass facade


2. Leave a gap of 8 mm


While performing the actual gap experience, the glass facade must leave a gap of 8 mm or so. The glass and other materials must be left with a gap of white cloth, and the gap is filled with sealant, and the high-rise should also meet the relevant requirements.


3. Consider tempered glass with a thickness of not less than 5 mm


If your product is a guardrail glass that does not accept horizontal loads, then the thickness of the product should be considered in the selection process of this kind of glass. The thickness of the product cannot be less than 5 mm of tempered glass, and the low point of the guardrail glass should also be at the distance. The height of the ground is greater than 5 meters.


Where can I customize the glass facade?


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