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How to lay the curtain wall? What are the installation steps?


Curtain walls are usually laid by a variety of different structures and main structures. They can be used for decoration. This is a beautiful decoration method for building walls, although the curtain wall looks more beautiful on the surface. But the process is indeed more complicated. How to lay the curtain wall?


1. Measure and pay off


Perform related processing according to the marked payoff. Generally speaking, it is necessary to determine all the installation baselines, including the formation of the entire line, as well as the horizontal elevation line of each wall, so that it can be different The location of the curtain wall determines the most basic installation direction.


2. Installation of the adapter


The installation of the curtain wall adapter is also more important. Generally speaking, during the actual installation process, the effective installation is carried out according to the current pay-off marks, which can be fixed by bolts and embedded in all On the object, the deviation of the center line of the entire key angle will basically be less than about two millimeters.


How to lay the curtain wall

3. Vertical aluminum column


During the time installation process of the vertical aluminum column, it is effectively installed from the bottom of the structure from bottom to top. The construction drawings must be carefully checked, and the hole positions must be checked.


4. Install the beam


According to the current drawing requirements to carry out related construction, and according to the current standard height, delineate the position of some aluminum parts on it, to effectively connect.


How to lay the curtain wall? In addition to doing some of the above work when laying, and then effectively avoid the installation of various lightning points, selects the appropriate material according to the current drawing requirements, and use the diameter method for installation. And install through fireproof laminate. Effectively install the glass plate or the buckle cover.


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