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How to make the curtain wall? What are the key points in curtain wall production?


Modern buildings want to leave a very good impression, and the aesthetics are more prominent, and the production of curtain walls has become a very important part of the content. How to make the curtain wall is also very important in the understanding of the curtain wall production situation. Do some detailed work during the production process, and the situation after the curtain wall production can be guaranteed.


How to make the curtain wall


First, the quality of the structural parts of the curtain wall is very important: the building curtain wall has a long service life is very important, so when the building curtain wall is made, the quality of the internal structural parts has become a part that cannot be ignored. The quality of aluminum alloy profiles, steel, etc. needs to be paid attention to, so that the use time after the production is completed can be guaranteed.


Second, the bonding part of the curtain wall needs to be mastered: understand how to make the curtain wall and these related issues. In the process of curtain wall production, the treatment of the bonding part and the material should be well considered. Only when the bonding part is really very strong, can the use situation after the production be completed can be very satisfactory.


Third, attention should be paid to the curtain wall unit glass situation: Considering the various situations involved in the production of building curtain walls, the problem of unit glass has also become a very important part. Moreover, the overall configuration of the glass needs to be treated well. After these basic conditions are handled, the effects in all aspects will be better.


From this, we can understand how to make the curtain wall, so in the process of making the curtain wall, the details of each part and the quality of the materials should be well mastered. And the design situation before the production is also very important. After every detail is handled, the effect after the production is completed will be satisfactory.


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