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Is the cost of double skin façade high? Is the structural design troublesome?


The construction industry pays great attention to all aspects of design, and this is also to ensure that all aspects of pressure are relieved. This is the content that must be paid attention to. Nowadays, the addition of curtain walls can also improve the load-bearing effect of the building in terms of structure. The support and advantages presented are also great, so it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant details. This must not be ignored. Then the cost of double skin façade is high now ? Is the design of the structure troublesome?


Is the cost of double skin façade high

1. The cost will not be very high


Many industries attach great importance to whether the cost of double skin façade is high. This is mainly to ensure the cost control of the production process. This is something that must not be ignored, and the help that can be shown is also great. The current cost is mainly focused on materials and processing costs, so the cost budget is still well controlled.


2. Support that can be provided


Is the cost of double skin façade high now? As long as the materials and processing methods can be controlled within the budget, the cost will not be very high. This is very trustworthy. The effect of the curtain wall is now very professional, and secondly, it can provide a double-layer design of the inner and outer layers, so that the air can be buffered and supported, and the impact on the building will be reduced a lot.


3. Trouble with the structural design department


Is the cost of double skin façade high now? There are many industries that pay attention to curtain wall production, and the effect after use is also very worthy of attention, and the professionalism presented is also good. Nowadays, when making curtain walls, we must also pay attention to the structural design, highlighting the professional, safe, and high-quality side, so that the effect of use can be guaranteed.


The content mentioned above is the content that many industries are paying attention to. Is the cost of double skin façade high now? In fact, as long as the budget is controlled, the price will not be very high, and the professionalism and stability that can be brought are also very good. This can be trusted and valued, and the protection effect of the building is also good.


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