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Is the security of the curtain wall trustworthy?

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The curtain wall is a type of exterior cladding that is made up of glass and metal. These types of walls are often used around the exterior of highrises and skyscrapers. The curtain wall was invented by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1912, and it has since been adopted as the most popular type of cladding for buildings.


Recent security and terrorist attacks around the world have left many people questioning the safety of their homes and buildings. The curtain wall, the outermost component of a skyscraper, is often overlooked as a potential target for terrorism – but should we be worried? Let’s explore the security of the curtain wall and its chances of being compromised by terrorism. A curtain wall can serve several purposes.


Security is a major concern for architects. With the lack of security in the present world, architects are designing buildings with high-security features to protect their clients.


One feature that is popular among architects is the curtain wall. A curtain wall is a type of exterior wall that separates an interior space from the outside, but it does not go all the way up to the roof.


The main function of this type of wall is to block out undesirable views and light to make people feel secure.


The curtain wall is a key component of the fa?ade that sits at the edge of the building and encloses the interior.


This structure is often situated around three or four storeys high to protect and shield pedestrians and occupants from environmental hazards such as rain, snow, and wind. It also provides security by preventing trespassers from entering the building.


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