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Other types of Curtain walls


There are several types of curtain walls such as the stick system, the unitized system, and the semi-unitized system. The stick system is the most commonly used type of curtain wall. In this system, each piece of the curtain wall is installed one at a time. The unitized system is more efficient because it allows for large panels of the curtain wall to be installed at once. The semi-unitized system is a combination of both the stick and unitized systems.


What you need to know about curtain walls


A curtain wall is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-load-bearing, hung from an external frame. The frame supports the weight of the wall and transmits wind loads, seismic loads, and other external forces to the building structure. Curtain walls are an important factor in the thermal performance of a building as they can significantly reduce heat loss.


Curtain walls typically consist of three parts: 

1. The structural framing 

2. The infill panels 

3. The glazing system The structural framing is the main load-bearing component of the curtain wall and is typically made of metal or aluminum. The infill panels are the non-load-bearing components that fill in the space between the structural framing members.


These panels can be made of a variety of materials such as glass, stone, metal, or plastic. The glazing system is a series of glass panels that seal and protect the infill panels from weather damage.


What are the types of curtain walls


There are three types of curtain walls. The first is the stick system, which is the most common type of curtain wall. The second is the unitized system, which is a newer type of curtain wall that is becoming more popular. The third type of curtain wall is the point-supported system, which is not as common as the other two types.


How about glazed aluminum curtain walls


Glazed aluminum curtain walls are another type of popular curtain wall. They are made with aluminum frames that are filled with glass. Glazed aluminum curtain walls offer many benefits, including being lightweight, durable, and low maintenance.


Advantages of glazed aluminum curtain walls


1.They are very light in weight when compared to other materials used for curtain walls.


2.They provide good resistance to wind loading and thus help in reducing the overall weight of the building.


3.They have good fire resistance properties and thus provide an extra layer of safety to the building occupants. Aluminum curtain walls are a type of curtain wall that is made up of aluminum panels that are held together by an aluminum frame. These types of curtain walls are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages, such as their light weight, resistance to wind loading, and fire resistance properties.

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