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What are the Differences Between Dotted Glass Facades and Traditional Glass Facades


(1) Structural form: Point glass curtain wall are a new architectural space structure system that combines modern structural technology and glass technology designed by computer. It is composed of stainless steel claw pieces. After the surface glass is punched at the corners, it is connected to the full glass curtain wall of the supporting structure with metal connecting pieces. The general glass curtain wall is mostly a plane frame type, vertical rod force system structure.


(2) Glass fixing form: the glass of point glass curtain wall is reliably fixed by stainless steel claws through the pre-drilled holes on the glass, while general glass curtain walls, such as fully concealed or semi-concealed, are glued with structural adhesives. fixed to the frame.


(3) Component processing: The main metal components of point glass curtain wall all require precision machining of turning drilling and punching machine tools, batch factory production, high on-site installation accuracy and good quality. In general, the aluminum alloy of the glass curtain wall is mostly made by electric tools on the construction site, and the processing is slightly rough, the precision is not high, and the efficiency is low.


(4) Glass varieties and specifications: Most of the glass used in point glass curtain wall is low-radiation or white tempered insulating glass, and has a certain effect on solving urban light pollution, and the glass specifications are not so strict. In general, glass curtain wall often use coated reflective glass, and the glass specifications are generally small.





The basic classification of glass curtain wall


Clear frame glass curtain wall


The framed glass curtain wall is a glass curtain wall with metal frame components exposed on the outer surface. It is framed by aluminum alloy profiles with special sections, and the glass panels are fully embedded in the grooves of the profiles. Its characteristic is that the aluminum alloy profile itself has the dual functions of skeleton structure and fixed glass.​​

The open frame glass curtain wall is the most traditional form, the most widely used, and the working performance is reliable. Compared with the hidden frame glass curtain wall, it is easier to meet the construction technical level requirements.


Hidden frame glass curtain wall


The metal frame of the hidden frame glass curtain wall is hidden on the back of the glass, and the metal frame cannot be seen outdoors. Hidden frame glass curtain wall can be divided into full hidden frame glass curtain wall and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall. The structural features of the hidden frame glass curtain wall are: the glass is on the outside of the aluminum frame, and the glass and the aluminum frame are bonded with a silicone structural sealant. The load of the curtain wall is mainly carried by the sealant.


Advantages of glass curtain wall


A glass facade is a building envelope that is primarily made of glass. glass curtain wall can be used on office towers, retail stores, and even residential homes.


There are several advantages to using a glass facade on a building. First, glass curtain wall allow natural light to enter the building, which can help reduce the need for artificial lighting during the daytime hours. This can lead to energy savings for the building owner.


Second, glass curtain wall can provide good views for occupants of the building. This can increase worker productivity or make residents feel more connected to their surroundings.


Finally, glass curtain wall can give a modern look to a building. This can help a building stand out from its surroundings and make it more attractive to potential tenants or buyers.


glass curtain wall are an excellent choice for office buildings and other commercial structures. They offer many benefits, including:


- Improved Natural Light: glass curtain wall allow more natural light into the building, which can improve worker productivity and morale.


- Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs: Glass is a good insulator, so it can help keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer. This can lead to significant energy savings.


- Enhanced Aesthetics: glass curtain wall can give a building a modern, sleek look.


- Improved Acoustics: Glass absorbs sound well, so it can help reduce noise levels inside the building.


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