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What are the basic categories of glass facades?


frame support

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Frame support glass facade is a glass facade supported by a metal frame around the glass panel, mainly including:


A clear framed glass facade is a glass facade with metal framing members exposed on the outer surface. It is framed by aluminum alloy profiles with special sections, and the glass panels are fully embedded in the grooves of the profiles. Its characteristic is that the aluminum alloy profile itself has the dual functions of skeleton structure and fixed glass.


The open-frame glass facade is the most traditional form, the most widely used, and the work performance is reliable. Compared with the hidden frame glass facade, it is easier to meet the construction technical level requirements.


The metal frame of the glass facade is hidden behind the glass, and the metal frame cannot be seen outside. Hidden frame glass facades can be divided into fully hidden frame glass facades and semi-hidden frame glass facades. The structural features of the hidden frame glass facade are: the glass is on the outside of the aluminum frame, and the glass is bonded to the aluminum frame with a silicone structural sealant. The load of the curtain wall is mainly carried by the sealant.


Where can I customize the glass facades?


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