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What are the classifications of curtain wall?


1. Glass Curtain Wall

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According to the glass type, it is divided into: monolithic glass, glued glass, insulating glass.


According to the glass installation method, it is divided into: all-glass Curtain Wall, glass brick Curtain Wall, point-connected glass Curtain Wall.


All-glass Curtain Wall: Hanging glass Curtain Wall, Floor-standing glass Curtain Wall.


Glass brick Curtain wall: framed glass brick Curtain wall, filled glass brick Curtain wall.


Point-connected glass Curtain Wall: tie-rod-type glass-curtain wall, cable-type glass Curtain wall, truss-type glass Curtain wall.


2. Curtain wall of metal plate


Single-piece aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, stainless steel plate, titanium alloy plate, color steel plate, copper plate.


3. Curtain wall of non-metallic plate (except glass)Stone board, honeycomb composite board, Trespa, ceramic board, calcium plastic board, wood-based board, pre-cast cement processing board.


Stone Curtain Wall: Combination Curtain Wall, Steel Pin Stone Curtain Wall, Short Slot Stone Curtain Wall, Through Channel Stone Curtain Wall, Back Bolt Stone Curtain Wall, Small Unit Stone Curtain Wall, Wet Laminated Stone Curtain Wall, Honeycomb Stone Curtain Wall.



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