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What are the characteristics of double-layer curtain wall?

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Double-layered Curtain Wall or Ventilated Curtain Wall, as a popular building envelope structure, originated in North America and has been widely used in Europe. In terms of ventilation methods, it can be divided into two systems: internal ventilation and external ventilation.


The outer layer of the inner-ventilated double-layered Curtain Wall is a closed structure, and the ventilation is carried out in the two-layer space of the Curtain Wall. Usually, it is necessary to cooperate with the centralized forced ventilation system to exchange with nature and achieve the final effect.


The inner ventilation double-layer curtain wall system is widely used in Italy; the outer ventilation relies on the outside air of the building, rationally organizes the air flow through the air inlet and outlet of the double-layer curtain wall, and directly exchanges with nature to achieve the final effect. Externally ventilated double-layer Curtain Wall is widely used in Germany and the United Kingdom.


The ventilation height of the curtain wall may be the height of a single layer, multiple layers or even the whole building, or some combination of the above. The most common is the single-storey height structure, the advantages of single-storey and double-layered Curtain Wall: separate fire, smoke, smell and noise between floors, and easy to standardize the design and manufacture of Curtain Wall units.


In temperate climates such as continental Europe and the United Kingdom, the construction industry has a wide range of applications for double-layer curtain walls. Experts in the construction industry believe that double-layer curtain walls can reduce cooling load, facilitate good natural ventilation, facilitate lighting, control noise, and reduce heat energy consumption. Wait.


Generally speaking, the cost of double-layered Curtain Wall is much higher than that of ordinary Curtain Wall, so it is necessary to explore a new Curtain Wall structure, which not only has the advantages of Double-layer Curtain Wall, but also has the economy of ordinary Curtain Wall.


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