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What are the main advantages of Curtain Wall?

Curtain Wall

Curtain walls are typically the most economical option for storefronts. Curtain wall systems are designed to be modular, which means they can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changes that occur over time.


They also provide protection against hurricanes, strong winds, and storms. This makes them perfect for coastal areas where these types of disasters are common.


At many projects, curtain walls are the only exterior facade. Curtain walls are much quicker to install than architectural panels or brick veneer because they require less labor-intensive installation techniques, such as mortar application.


Consequently, labor costs are cut in half for projects that use curtain wall materials. The main disadvantage of using a curtain wall is that it does not provide thermal insulation for the building interior.


Curtain walls are typically used in commercial buildings or in residential buildings that don't have much of a view. Curtain walls offer protection from the elements, but lack the aesthetic appeal of other types of windows.


I started working in the construction industry at the age of 16. I had my first experience with curtain wall on a commercial project in Philadelphia.


This is when I learned that there were many benefits to using this product over other types of exterior wall treatments.


Curtain walls are a popular choice for building designers as it can be used as a single enclosure to separate one or more rooms from the outside world.


It is typically found in new buildings, but some older buildings have had it added on. Curtain walls provide a clear separation of spaces and can be made from a variety of materials, such as glass, steel, metal, or vinyl.


Curtain Walls have made installation easier, safer and less time-consuming. They are also very economical due to being so efficient.


Curtain Walls are designed to work with any type of building to create a unique look that is perfect for any company or business.


Where can I customize the curtain wall?


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