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What are the structural forms of curtain wall?


Common structural forms of glass curtain wall: hidden frame, semi-hidden frame, exposed frame, point type, all glass,advantage1. 

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Light weight


In the comparison of the same area, the quality of glass curtain wall is about 1/10~1/12 of that of whitewashed brick wall, 1/15 of that of marble and granite veneer wet-work method wall, and 1/5~1 of that of concrete siding. /7. In general buildings, the mass of the inner and outer walls is about 1/4 to 1/5 of the total weight of the building. The use of Curtain Wall can greatly reduce the weight of the building, thereby reducing the cost of foundation engineering.


2. Flexible design


The artistic effect is good, architects can design various curtain wall shapes according to their own needs, which can present different colors, coordinate with the surrounding environment, and cooperate with lighting to integrate the building with nature, so that high-rise buildings can reduce the sense of oppression.


3. Strong earthquake resistance


With flexible design, the Curtain Wall has strong wind resistance and earthquake resistance, which is the best choice for tall buildings.


4. Systematic construction


Systematic construction makes it easier to control the construction period and takes less time.


5. Modernization


It can improve the novelty and technology of buildings, such as photovoltaic energy-saving Curtain Wall, double-layer ventilation duct breathing Curtain Wall and other designs that are matched with intelligent technology.


6. Easy to update and maintain


Since it is built on the outer structure of the building, it is convenient to repair or update it.


Where can I customize the curtain wall?


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