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What are ventilated facades? Is the application effect good?


Nowadays, many construction industries pay much attention to the addition of curtain walls, because they can indeed invest in stable and safe effects, and secondly, they can also bring decorative effects to buildings. This is very trustworthy. Because the effect of the curtain wall is very good, so now it is also extended to a variety of performance can be paid attention to, and the types are also greatly different, so what are ventilated facades now? Is the effect after application good?


What are ventilated facades

1. It can highlight the effect of windproof


There are many types of curtain walls that can be used today, and they can also bring good support and help for the construction. This is completely reliable, so what are ventilated facades? In fact, it has a windproof effect and can also increase the load-bearing effect of the structure, which is very trustworthy.


2. The aesthetics is very stable


What are ventilated facades now? In fact, the use of curtain walls is indeed very common. In fact, the role of curtain walls is to support the use of guessing to build, ensure the rationality of the structural design, and also add a decorative effect, which brings good aesthetics and is suitable for many The building is used, this is completely reliable.


3. The effect of the application is very good


With the rapid development of the construction industry now, it can also bring a lot of support and help to many industries. This is completely reliable, so what is ventilated facades? In fact, the use of the curtain wall can increase the design of the outer and inner layers in the future, which brings a wind-proof and heat-proof effect, which has a high application value.


I believe that after reading the above content, many industries are also paying great attention to the question of what is ventilated facades. The effect is also very good, and the application value that can be presented is also very high, so it can bring The efficiency and stability are also very professional, this can be trusted.


Where can I customize the ventilated facades?


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