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What does building a curtain wall mean? How to carry out effective construction?


The outer walls of high-rise buildings are basically protected by building curtain walls. What does building a curtain wall mean?


1. Introduction to building curtain wall


The building curtain wall itself refers to the maintenance of all exterior walls. This kind of building curtain wall does not bear the importance of the entire building itself and cannot play a load-bearing role. Generally speaking, it is composed of panels or supporting structures. In the actual construction process of the building curtain wall, the most important role is to decorate the building or protect the main structure from the influence of wind and rain, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by the external wall structure of the building.


What does building a curtain wall mean


2. Precautions for building curtain wall construction


There will be many construction considerations in the construction of building curtain walls. Before installation, relevant design drawings must be prepared. These drawings not only indicate that the design is good, but also need to be effectively approved by each unit. In addition, you must prepare detailed The construction plan ensures that the construction of the curtain wall is foolproof. Prepare all the construction materials in advance, and meet the relevant actual needs, and there can be no errors in the construction process. The purchased materials need to provide relevant inspection certificates or reports from the manufacturer. When installing the glass curtain wall, keep it clean. During the installation process, the glass curtain wall should not be in direct contact with the components, and the inlays or gaps on both sides of the glass should be ensured to meet the design requirements.


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