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What does curtain wall mean? What are the classifications of curtain walls?


In all urban high-rise buildings, you may find that there are a lot of bright glass on the outer surface. However, these bright glasses are actually what we call curtain walls. Many people may not be particularly clear about what a curtain wall means. When we see When these buildings are more reflective on the outside, I believe everyone will understand.


1. Doors, windows and curtain walls


Doors, windows and curtain walls are actually a kind of product, but a product used for lighting and ventilation in buildings, which is what we call glass windows, is called doors and windows in more residential areas, just like high-rise buildings or places with more office buildings. From the outside, it’s all made of glass, which is generally called a glass curtain wall. Doors, windows and curtain walls are a relatively special industry, and the proportion of buildings and buildings is still relatively large. However, the doors, windows and curtain walls are decorated and fixed on the main body with many things, while the glass curtain walls are basically independent systems.


What does curtain wall mean

2. Unit curtain wall


The unit curtain wall is simply the curtain wall assembled by the rodent and the metal frame. Generally speaking, they will exist in the form of curtain wall units. However, such a structural feature is to make the units that constitute the glass curtain wall, just like some skeletons. The materials or glass and thermal insulation materials are all assembled into the whole frame on the facade of the factory. That is, some curtain wall panels have been made in the factory, and then all of them are transported to the construction site.


What does curtain wall mean? This product can be used in many places, and it will bring different effects when used in different places, so when we choose to use curtain walls, we can pay more attention to the specific conditions of these products.


Where can I customize the curtain wall?


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