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What is ACP cladding? What is the composition of the product?


There are many types of curtain walls, and ACP cladding is currently a very important category of products. In the process of focusing on products, what is ACP cladding has also become a situation that many people are concerned about. When understanding this part of the problem, master the basic problems of ACP cladding, so that you can enrich more knowledge in the process of product use.


What is ACP cladding


1) Material issues need to be clear:


In the process of paying attention to ACP cladding, in the actual construction process, aluminum alloy plates are very significant. Of course, when understanding the various parts of the board, the actual board has requirements in the thickness, model, and state of each part. Only after the requirements are met can the effect of each part be more ideal.


2) The actual structure needs to be mastered:


Analyze what is the issue of multiple parts of ACP cladding. When analyzing each part of the product, the issue of structure diversification should also be treated well. In the actual issue understanding, panels, stiffeners and corners have become very important components, and the effects during use are very good.


3) The construction situation needs to be considered:


Pay attention to the construction of ACP cladding. When understanding construction problems, related processes such as bending and stamping are very necessary. And in the process of ACP cladding production, the operation of electric welding screws is also very significant, so that every part is very stable.


Therefore, in the analysis of the issues involved in what is ACP cladding, only if the issues in each composition are understood, the actual results obtained in this way will be more satisfactory. And in the ACP cladding analysis, the product has good rigidity, light weight, and high strength, and it has a very ideal use effect guarantee in every part of use.


Where can I customize the ACP cladding?


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