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What is Mashrabiya? Where are the advantages?


With more and more design services available now, it can also bring a lot of support to all walks of life. This is completely reliable. The addition of curtain walls can also bring great help to the decoration of buildings. Moreover, many buildings in cities pay much attention to the choice of curtain wall, which also shows that the protection provided is good, so what is Mashrabiya? Where are the specific advantages?


What is Mashrabiya

1. The effect of curtain wall decoration


There are many types of services to choose from. Facing the decoration of the construction industry, there is also a lot of support that can be brought. Now, the addition of curtain walls can also provide a lot of help. So what is Mashrabiya? In fact, it mainly refers to the enclosure added on the outer wall of the building, and the support presented is very high.


2. A variety of materials can be selected


There are many Mashrabiyas that can be trusted today, and they can be selected according to the type and style of the building, and they will be much more stable in use. What is Mashrabiya? After choosing a suitable curtain wall and installing it on the exterior wall of the building, it can highlight a very high decorative effect, and there are many materials to choose from,


3. Description of specific advantages


What is Mashrabiya now? In the process of building construction, in order to obtain good decorative support, the addition of curtain walls is also very common. After the addition, it can provide decoration, fire prevention, and avoid rainwater penetration. It can be said that the protection of the building can be extended. The outstanding advantage is very high.


I believe that after reading the above content, there will be a corresponding understanding of what Mashrabiya is now. The outstanding decoration effect is also very good. The protection support for the building has also been improved a lot, in terms of decoration and protection support. Can highlight a lot of help.


Where can I customize the Mashrabiya?


China Sunframe Facade is a professional building facade Suppliers and curtain wall Manufacturers, which supports professional customization. The products have passed strict quality certification. Welcome customers to contact us for cooperation.


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