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What is a building skin? What should I pay attention to when building skin construction?


The building skin is simply the so-called building skin diagram, but generally thicker lines are used as the main contour lines. There are many processes in the process of experience, and these processes are what we usually do Can see.


1. Brief introduction of building skin


To put it simply, building skin is used as a so-called projection surface and projection map. This is a kind of architectural picture, but generally thick lines or realizations may be used as outlines, which is just like when we typically do The protruding balconies or windows and other drawings that you see outline the drawings. The standard height of such drawings is basically the so-called 1:4, and the remaining walls will use dividing lines.


What is a building skin


2. Precautions for the construction of the building skin


In the actual construction process, all gantry cranes or tower cranes must be made. In this case, it is best to check in advance, and must be used in advance, do the basic work well, and then check all the code of conduct, or It is safety. It is necessary to have a safe construction plan and technical plan, and from the engineering point of view, it may not be backward in use, and some tools and equipment may be eliminated. All safety measures must be standard, and protection safety must also be in place.


What is a building skin? In the process of actual construction, it is more important to consider the above construction conditions. We must understand more in normal times. In addition, it is recommended that you should do a good job of seasonal protection and strict Implement in accordance with national standards.


Where can I customize the building skin?


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