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What is a stick-built curtain wall? What is the development trend?


There are many types of designs that can be used today, and the architectural design is also extremely ingenious. It is precisely because of this that it has extended a variety of advantages, especially the appearance of curtain walls, which can also ensure that the construction and decoration effects of the building are much more stable. This can be paid attention to. There are many curtain wall designs that can be selected, so what is a stick-built curtain wall now? What is the trend of development?


What is a stick-built curtain wall

1. It can play a weight-bearing effect


The development of the construction industry is also extremely rapid, which can generate a lot of help and support in many fields. This is very worthy of attention. What is stick-built curtain wall nowadays? In fact, the addition of the curtain wall can increase the load-bearing capacity of the building, because it can increase a structural support outside, and the effect will be obvious.


2. Description of application advantages


What is a stick-built curtain wall? There are many services to choose from today. The addition of curtain walls can also increase the value of the application, because it can be used outside the building, and it will also be made of strong and durable materials. In this way, it can be effective To ensure the stability of use, this is worthy of attention.


3. Description of development trends


What is a stick-built curtain wall? In fact, the current use of curtain walls can bring very high professionalism and is more reliable. In fact, it is because it can indeed show safe, high-quality, and efficient protection effects, and it can also display a decorative effect on the building. The value is very high, and there is no problem in using it with peace of mind.


The content mentioned above is the details that many industries are paying attention to. What is a stick-built curtain wall now? In fact, the use of curtain walls is very frequent. If they are added to the building, it can also increase the load-bearing capacity of the building, and it can also strengthen the structure of the building, which brings many advantages.


Where can I customize the stick-built curtain wall?


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