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What is exposed frame façade? How about the feedback during the use of curtain wall products?


Different types of curtain walls have very good effects on the outer protection of buildings. In the process of understanding curtain wall products, what is exposed frame façade has also become a situation that many people are concerned about. In the process of understanding this kind of curtain wall product, some curtain wall itself and the problems in use should be analyzed very well.


What is exposed frame façade


First, the application range of exposed frame façade is very large:


In the process of understanding the exposed frame façade, the outer frame of the curtain wall is made of aluminum alloy, which is very safe in terms of safety. And from the form of the curtain wall, it is clear that the scope of application during use is indeed very large, so some basic issues of use need to be better understood.


Second, the exposed frame façade is very simple in construction:


To understand what is the exposed frame façade and various related issues, you can clearly understand that the specific curtain wall is a very simple part of the related construction. And the form is relatively traditional, so the safety and reliability during use are also very good.


Third, the material of the exposed frame façade needs attention:


Taking into account the specific production of exposed frame façade, in the specific production process, the quality of the frame materials, plates, and sealing and caulking materials should be paid attention to. In terms of specific framework materials, the aluminum alloy material is indeed very critical, so that the overall quality can be guaranteed.


When paying attention to the question of what is exposed frame façade, these issues involved should indeed be treated well. Only after paying attention to the problems in each composition, the situation brought about by the use will be better. Therefore, after paying attention to some basic issues of the materials, the situation of the various effects brought by this will be satisfied.


Where can I customize the exposed frame façade?


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