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What is invisible frame façade? What are the characteristics of the curtain wall?


When categorizing curtain wall products, there are indeed many overall types. What is an invisible frame façade has also become a problem that many people have always been concerned about. Some basic conditions of invisible frame façade are clear, so that the elements of the curtain wall in the construction process can also be very well grasped.


What is invisible frame façade


1. The production situation needs to be mastered


As for the invisible frame façade, it can be understood that there is no choice to use aluminum alloy frame in the production process. In the process of bonding concrete to glass, all operations are completed by structural glue, so there are very high requirements for construction technology and the quality of structural glue.


2. Very good performance


When paying attention to the question of what is an invisible frame façade, it is clear from the construction of this kind of curtain wall that there are very high requirements in terms of the node graph of the curtain wall. In the overall performance analysis, lightning protection and fire protection nodes are all very good, and they should be carefully understood.


3. High quality requirements


To better enrich the invisible frame façade products, the quality requirements are also very high during construction. In terms of some basic internal conditions, while the position of the embedded parts is accurate, the firmness of the embedding cannot be ignored. Only when the standards are met can the quality of use requirements be met.


After the various problems of what is an invisible frame façade are clear, the actual curtain wall will be in a good condition during the construction process. In addition, in the analysis of various types of problems of invisible frame façade, special attention should be paid to the quality of various materials, so that the use effect after the completion of the construction will be very satisfactory.


Where can I customize the invisible frame façade?


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