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What is structural glass façade? How is the performance of the curtain wall in use?


Curtain walls play a very good role in building protection and aesthetics, and there are many types of curtain walls. When understanding the various situations involved in the curtain wall, what is a structural glass façade, has also become a problem that many people have been paying attention to. In the process of analyzing the curtain wall, all kinds of knowledge involved need to be better understood.


What is structural glass façade


(1) Be clear about the classification of curtain walls


In the process of grasping curtain wall products, curtain walls can be classified according to related conditions such as inlaid panels, components, openness, structural form, etc., and in the process of understanding whether each category has multiple related categories, structural glass façade is actually The types are indeed very rich, and everyone who needs it should be aware of the situation in this regard.

(2) The use effect of the curtain wall is very good


After analyzing the question of what is a structural glass façade, in the process of analyzing the curtain wall products, the conditions of the curtain wall's resistance to wind pressure deformation, rainwater penetration, air penetration, and sound insulation are all handled well. So in the process of specific use, the usage of each part is good.


(3) The safety of the curtain wall is very high


It is really ideal to understand the diversified situations in the use of structural glass façade and the safety aspects. In the process of use, various problems such as lightning protection, fire protection, and energy saving are indeed very good. In this way, in terms of specific use, the use of each part of the structural glass façade is ideal.


From this, we can understand the question of what is structural glass façade very well. Therefore, these basic factors should be carefully paid attention to when the curtain wall is needed. And when analyzing the problems related to the curtain wall, choose the appropriate type of curtain wall in the appropriate field, so that the use of multiple effects will be more satisfactory.


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