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What should be paid attention to in curtain wall construction? What should be done?


Curtain wall construction is relatively common in our lives. If construction is to be done, many constructors may consider what should be paid attention to in curtain wall construction. After all, in construction, we must master all aspects of construction principles.


1. Prepare the design drawings


All design drawings have to be prepared at the beginning. The drawings have to be reviewed by relevant departments, and more approvals are required. In addition, they need to be combined with the drawings to prepare a detailed construction plan.


2. Meet the design requirements


During the construction of the glass curtain wall, the construction materials must meet the existing construction requirements, the manufacturer must provide a qualified certificate, and the manufacturer must provide an inspection report.


What should be paid attention to in curtain wall construction

3. Wipe the glass clean


In the actual construction process of the glass curtain wall, the glass must be wiped clean, because the glass and all components cannot be directly contacted, and the inlays or gaps on both sides must conform to the current design principles.


4. Installation tape for glass curtain wall


All glass curtain walls must use rubber strips in the process of time installation. These rubber strips should be used effectively according to the specified model, and the inserts must be kept in a flat state anytime and anywhere.


What should be paid attention to in curtain wall construction? When constructing the curtain wall, we must consider the actual situation, because the current curtain wall construction is actually not as simple as we imagined, but the above phenomena can indeed be achieved. If you can master a reasonable method, it will also make curtain wall construction very easy. In the construction process, you should make preparations before construction and improve the relevant construction system.


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