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Aluminum alloy sliding door

Aluminum alloy sliding door supplier, factory, manufacturer


The use of aluminum alloy sliding doors has become more popular in recent years as they are both economical and attractive. Aluminum alloy is strong yet lightweight, making it a popular choice for doors that need to open quickly but also be durable. There are a variety of materials and finishes available for aluminum alloy sliding doors, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.


The aluminum alloy sliding door is a popular choice for both new construction and renovation. The door is strong and versatile, making it a good option for apartments, offices, and homes. Aluminum alloy doors are also quieter than traditional wooden or metal doors, making them a good choice for residential areas.


Aluminum alloy sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits they offer. First and foremost, aluminum alloy sliding doors are strong and durable. They also have a low weight capacity, so they are not as cumbersome as other types of doors. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain.


Aluminum alloy sliding door


Achievements of Aluminum alloy sliding door:


1. Energy Efficiency U-value low to 0.8 W/Square meter.


2. Water Penetration Resistance high to 1000 Pa


3. Durable Powder Coating Warranty to 20 years


4. Glazing Unit Weight max to 1,000 kg


5. Glazing Thickness from 4mm to 60 mm


6. Sound Resistance Rw to 68 dB


Main features of Aluminum alloy sliding door:


Aluminum alloy sliding door


1. With flexible construction methods and mature technique, it is a structural form of Aluminum alloy sliding door.


2. With strong adaptability of main structure, the installation sequence will not be influenced by main structure.


3. Using sealant for materials sealing, with good water tightness, air tightness, good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and the ability to resist certain relative storey movement.


4. Unit components of the panel materials are made in factory so that performance of structural sealant could be well guaranteed.


Aluminum alloy sliding door


Aluminum alloy sliding door supplier


When searching for a quality aluminum alloy sliding door supplier, it is important to consider the following factors: 

-The material's weight and strength 

-The supplier's manufacturing and quality assurance processes 

-The company's customer service and after-sales support 

-Price and availability.


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Aluminum alloy sliding door


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