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Railing and handrail system

Railing and handrail system supplier, factory, manufacturer


Railing and handrail systems have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their safety benefits. Railings can help to reduce the number of injuries that occur from falls, as well as improve the safety of people who are using the stairs or railings. They can also be useful for keeping pets away from areas where they may be able to climb or fall.


Railing and handrail system


Railing and handrail systems are often used in places where people are likely to be walking, such as around swimming pools and docks. They provide a way for people to safely ascend or descend a staircase or ladder. Railing and handrail systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood.


System Achievements of Steel truss structure facade:


1. Energy Efficiency U-value low to 0.8 W/Square meter.


2. Water Penetration Resistance high to 1000 Pa


3. Durable Powder Coating Warranty to 20 years


4. Glazing Unit Weight max to 1,000 kg


5. Glazing Thickness from 4mm to 60 mm


6. Sound Resistance Rw to 68 dB


Railing and handrail system


Features & Advantages of Railing and handrail:


1. Excellent Thermal Efficient of Railing and handrail: system U-value low to 0.8 W / Square meter.


Overall Railing and handrail performance is a function of the glazing infill panel, the frame, construction behind opaque (spandrel and column cover) areas, and the perimeter details. Sunframe has specially designed Steel truss structure facade system. The system thermal insulation U-value is low to 0.8 W/Square meter.


2. Unique Visual Appearance of Railing and handrail: thorough design and precise fabrication


Sunframe has strong design team which can make the thorough calculation and precise fabrication, which offer a wide variety of aesthetic variations allowing architects to use any combination of finishes, infills, external feature caps and glazing specification.


Railing and handrail system supplier


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