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Semi hidden frame curtain wall

What does curtain wall mean


Curtain wall, also known as a window wall, is a type of exterior wall that partially or fully encloses an opening, such as a window. Curtain walls may be made of materials such as brick, stone, metal panels, or glass. They are typically used to separate interior spaces from exterior spaces and to provide privacy.


Curtain wall refers to a type of exterior wall that is typically composed of several layers of horizontally oriented, generally thin sheets of metal, plastic, or other material that are hung on top of one another and are typically painted to match the exterior walls.


curtain wall


Curtain wall is a type of wall typically used in commercial and industrial settings. It's a sturdy, protective barrier between different areas in a building. Curtain walls typically consist of metal sheets that are hung on brackets and can be raised or lowered to create different levels of protection.


How many types of curtain walls are there


There are a few different types of curtain walls, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Some curtain walls are made of heavy materials, such as steel, while others are made of lighter materials, such as plastic. Some curtain walls are designed to be transparent, while others are opaque. Some curtain walls can be opened and closed, while others cannot.


Three types of curtain wall


Open frame, hidden frame, and semi hidden curtain wall are three construction types that can be used to create partitions in a room. They are all similar in that they use a frame of some kind to divide the space, but open frame is the most common and simplest type. A window or door is placed in the center of the frame, and the walls around it are left open.


Architectural features that are often seen in homes and offices, but not always understood, are open frame, hidden frame, and semi hidden curtain wall. Open frame architecture is a design where the frame of the building is visible from the exterior. Hidden frame architecture is one where the frame is hidden from view but can be seen through openings. Semi hidden curtain wall is a design that features a curtain wall that is partially or completely concealed by an outer facade or window.


Semi hidden frame curtain wall


About Semi hidden frame curtain wall  


The semi-hidden frame curtain wall offers a design that is both modern and timeless. This curtain wall style reinvents the traditional window treatment by hiding the frame behind the curtains. This creates a more modern look while also keeping the privacy of the room. The semi-hidden frame curtain wall is perfect for any room that needs a touch of updated elegance.


The semi hidden frame curtain wall is a unique architectural feature that can be used to create a stylish and modern exterior. This curtain wall is made up of a series of thin metal panels that are mounted on a wall or ceiling and then rolled up or down to create the desired effect. This type of curtain wall is perfect for use in areas where space is limited or where a more open feel is desired.


Semi hidden frame curtain wall is another widely used external protection system. Nowadays, we have most mature technology and best construction capability. Semi hidden frame curtain wall is a frame supported curtain wall, for which mullions, transoms, and panel are installed on site in a proper order. The panel materials are processed into unit components in the factory and then fixed on the frame which consist of mullions and transoms. The load received by the unit components of the panel materials will be transmitted to the main structure via the mullions(or transoms).


china Semi hidden frame curtain wall


Main features of Semi hidden frame curtain wall:


1. With flexible construction methods and mature technique, it is a structural form of Semi hidden frame curtain wall applied widely at present.

2. With strong adaptability of main structure, the installation sequence will not be influenced by main structure.

3. Using sealant for materials sealing, with good water tightness, air tightness, good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and the ability to resist certain relative storey movement.

4. Unit components of the panel materials are made in factory so that performance of structural sealant could be well guaranteed.


Curtain wall


Semi hidden frame curtain wall supplier, factory


Semi hidden frame curtain wall supplier offers a discreet way to conceal your windows and walls with a sleek, semi-transparent curtain wall. This curtain wall is perfect for businesses or residential properties that want to add a touch of luxury and privacy to their space. With a variety of materials and finishes available, semi hidden frame curtain wall supplier can help you create the perfect design for your home or business.


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