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Stainless steel sliding door

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In order to maintain a clean and organized kitchen, many homeowners choose to install stainless steel sliding door. Stainless steel sliding door is made from a durable metal that is easy to keep clean. They also have a sleek design that can add elegance to any kitchen.


Stainless steel sliding door is a good option for people who want to keep their home clean and tidy. It is also a popular choice among those who want to increase their home's security. The door can be easily opened from either side, making it perfect for those who need access to the outside world but do not want the hassle of having to open a traditional door.


The stainless steel sliding door is a popular option because it is affordable, easy to install and looks great. The door can be opened by using the handle on the outside or by using the remote control.


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System Achievements of Stainless steel sliding door:


1. Energy Efficiency U-value low to 0.8 W/Square meter.


2. Water Penetration Resistance high to 1000 Pa


3. Durable Powder Coating Warranty to 20 years


4. Glazing Unit Weight max to 1,000 kg


5. Glazing Thickness from 4mm to 60 mm


6. Sound Resistance Rw to 68 dB


Stainless steel sliding door supplier


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As the popularity of stainless steel doors continues to grow, so does the need for a reliable sliding door supplier. Here are reasons why you should consider using a company like ours when looking for a stainless steel sliding door:


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