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System doors and windows

About System doors and windows


A system door or window is a type of door or window that is used to control access to certain areas within a building. They can be used to separate different parts of a building, and can also be used as an entryway for personnel. System doors and windows are often made from steel or aluminum, and can provide excellent insulation.


A system door or window supplier can provide the right sized, top quality doors and windows for your business. With a range of materials and styles available, you can find the perfect system for your needs. Plus, our team will help you choose the best option for your business size and budget.


System doors and windows


One common way to create a separation between interior and exterior spaces in a building is to install doors and windows. These systems allow people or equipment to enter or exit the space, but can also regulate the temperature, humidity, and air quality inside the space. The three main types of system doors and windows are sliding, hinged, and roll-up.


types of doors and windows


There are many types of doors and windows in a system.  They can be classified according to the way they open, their function, or the materials used in their construction. 


Depending on the materials used in their construction


-Hinged doors: These doors can be opened by hand, using a handle or a button.

-Doors with a security lock: These doors can be opened only by using a code or a fingerprint scanner.

-Awnings: These retractable or fixed panels give shade and protection from the sun.


Depending on the function


System doors and windows


System doors and windows


System doors and windows are important pieces of equipment that keep a building or system sealed and airtight. They allow people to enter or leave the building, and can also be used to regulate the amount of light and heat entering a building.


Sunshine house series


When it comes to opening up your home during the summer months, one of the best options is to install a system of doors and windows that can be opened from the outside. This type of system is typically called a sunshine house series, and it allows you to enjoy the warm weather without having to open up your entire home.


The Sunshine House Series is a line of system doors and windows designed to increase energy efficiency by making your home more comfortable in the summer and more protected from the winter weather. The series comes in three different sizes and can be customized to fit your specific needs.


Railing and handrail system


An important part of any safe and secure building is the railing and handrail system. This system helps protect people from falling or being injured as they move about the building. System doors and windows are a must for any safe and secure building. They provide an added level of security by keeping intruders out and allowing people to safely enter and exit the building.


System doors and windows in china


Depending on the way they open


Inside casement window


Casement windows are a popular choice for many homeowners because they provide a natural light and ventilation combination that is otherwise unavailable in most window types. Casement windows open and close with a crank, making them an easy option for people with disabilities.


Exterior side hung door


A door that is hung on the exterior of a building is often more visible and inviting than one that is mounted in the wall. This is especially true if the door opens into a hallway or entranceway. When designing a new home, consider using exterior side hung doors to add character and versatility to your layout.


Inside swing door


The Inside Swing Door is a space-saving solution that mounts on the inside of a door to provide easy access to the room on the other side

The door is perfect for use in tight spaces, such as a hallway, and provides a safe and convenient way to enter and exit a room without having to open the door all the way

Made of durable steel, the door is easy to install and can hold up to 300 pounds

The door's spring-loaded hinges make it easy to open and close, and the built-in magnetic closure keeps the door securely closed

The Inside Swing Door is an affordable and practical solution for anyone who wants easy access to a room without having to open the door all the


System doors and windows


Sliding window


China sliding windows have the primary purpose of keeping air and water out of the building, essentially acting as both a buffer and an insulator. Unlike discontinuous windows, which are smaller units and can rely to a high degree on sill flashings to capture frame corner leakage, China sliding windows cover large expanses of wall without sill flashings at each glazed opening. Sunframe specially patented China sliding window system water penetration resistance high to 1000 Pa.


Sliding door


Sliding doors are a popular choice for entrances and exits because they allow easy access from both the inside and outside of a building. They are also highly secure as they can be locked from the inside. However, sliding doors tend to be bulky and may not be suitable for tight spaces.


 System doors and windowsS supplier, factory, manufacturer:


Sunframe Facade is a leading system doors and windows supplier, factory, manufacturer that focuses on system doors and windows. Innovation is the driving force for us to establish competitive advantage, and is the key to our leading position in the fierce international market competition.


It has successively introduced advanced professional production equipment and technology from developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and Italy, forming various types of glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls, metal curtain walls, and glass lighting that integrate aluminum profile production, engineering design, processing, installation and maintenance. Products such as cotton and aluminum alloy doors and windows.


China System doors and windows


At the same time, it has internationally advanced extrusion production lines, oxidation electrophoresis production lines, spraying production lines, fluorocarbon spraying production lines, wood grain production lines, heat insulation production lines and deep processing production lines. The modernization of the ISO quality management system and the optimized combination of the sales network have been fully formed, and the products have reached more than 200 series and more than 10,000 specifications. Through strengthening the research on the process, the alloy technology of various alloy grades has reached the advanced level in line with international standards, and the annual production capacity of various aluminum alloy profiles has reached more than 100,000 tons, and the manufacturing capacity of doors, windows and curtain walls has reached 300,000 square meters. A comprehensive enterprise above the meter.

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