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Product name: 100 series hidden window|China curtain wall Manufacturers


After-sales Service: Free Replacement If Any Broken


Warranty: 10 Years


Open: Opening


Material: Glass

100 series hidden window 


The 100 series hidden window is a clever way to increase your home's privacy. This window is designed to be invisible from the outside, but it allows you to view and control the climate inside your home. The 100 series hidden window is perfect for people who want to keep their homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Hidden frame curtain wall  


There are many types of curtain walls. One of the most popular and hidden is the hidden frame curtain wall. These walls are made up of a series of narrow panels that run parallel to the floor and conceal everything behind them. This type of wall is perfect for hiding things like cables or pipes, and can be used in any kind of setting.


100 series hidden window Hidden frame curtain wall


There is a hidden window in the 100 series curtain wall. This window is designed to allow natural light into the room. The curtain wall is made out of metal panels that are spaced evenly apart. This design allows the window to be closed off from the outside world without disrupting the look of the wall.  The window is also designed to allow for ventilation.


100 series hidden window curtain wall | China curtain wall Manufacturers - Sunframe Facade 


Sunframe Facade is a leading window curtain wall manufacturers in China. Our curtains are made of high quality fabric with advanced printing technology, which make them unique and stylish. Our curtain walls are perfect for any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom.


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