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Project Specs

Product name: System doors and windows


Type: Curtain Wall


Frame Curtain Wall Kind: Exposed/Semi-Exposed/Mix Frame


Material: Aluminium/Glass


Glass Curtain Wall Kind: Unitized/Stick/Spider


Shape: Standard Plane

About Custom cable structure facade:


The Custom cable structure facade in modern buildings adopts the hollow glass which is a combination of mirror glass and ordinary glass, and the partition is filled with dry air or inert gas. Insulating glass is divided into two layers and three layers. The two-layer insulating glass is composed of two layers of glass and a sealed frame to form a sandwich space; the three-layer glass is composed of three layers of glass to form two sandwich spaces. Insulating glass has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-frost, moisture-proof, increased lighting, and high wind pressure resistance. However, there are also problems such as light pollution and high energy consumption.


The Custom cable structure facade is a new type of contemporary wall. The biggest feature it gives to the building is to organically unify the architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy efficiency and building structure. The building presents different tones from different angles, which follow the sunlight. The changes of moon, moonlight and lighting give people a dynamic beauty. The reflective insulating glass is 6mm thick, and the wall weight is about 50kg/㎡. It has the advantages of lightness and beauty, not easy to pollute, and energy saving. Trace metal elements are added to the float glass composition and tempered to make color transparent plate-shaped glass, which can absorb infrared rays, reduce the solar radiation entering the room, and lower the indoor temperature. It can not only reflect light like a mirror, but also transmit light like glass. The inner side of the outer glass of the curtain wall is coated with a colorful metal coating. From the appearance, the entire outer wall is like a mirror. Under the reflection of light, The room is not irradiated by strong light, and the vision is soft.


Custom cable structure facade


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