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Project Specs

Product name: System doors and windows


Port: GUANGDONG, China 


Production Capacity: 10000 Square Meters


Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Money Gram


After-sales Service: 2 Years


Warranty: 5 Years


Open: Opening


Material: Aluminum Alloy

About Custom exposed frame facade:


The Custom exposed frame facade is composed of glass panels, point support units (spiders) and supporting structures, and is further divided into the following categories:


1. Steel truss type


2. Glass fin type


3. Tie rod type tension truss type


4. Cable type tension truss type


5. Self-balancing cable truss type


6. Single layer cable net type point


The main features of cCustom exposed frame facade


1. The support structure has various forms, which can meet the requirements of different architects and project owners for the building structure and facade.


2. The structure is sturdy and beautiful, the components are exquisite and practical, and the metal structure and the permeability of the glass are integrated to realize the harmony of the interior and exterior spaces of the building.


3. The glass is connected to the spider through a spherical hinge; it is a perfect distortion adaptation. The unitized curtain wall is a high-end exterior maintenance system that conforms to the trend of the international industry. It has a standardized design. All production and processing are completed in the factory, and are carried out in strict accordance with the process, and are installed on-site by machinery.


Custom exposed frame facade


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