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Project Specs

Material: Aluminium/Glass


Glass Curtain Wall Kind: Unitized/Stick/Spider


Shape: Standard Plane

About China hidden frame curtain wall:


The hidden frame curtain wall is the outer cladding of the building. The outer wall is non-structural, but it is non-structural to block the weather and the occupants as a curtain wall. It can be made of lightweight materials to reduce the building Cost When glass is used as a curtain wall, a big advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper into the building.


The hidden frame curtain wall still has many features. This product is also more convenient to install, and it is also easier to adjust, and also does not waste materials.


1. The hidden frame curtain wall uses glass silicone and then glues to the sub-frame. Generally, the sub-frame is fixed to the main frame (post, beam) by mechanical clamping. Generally, its structural glass assembly components are completely separated from the main frame. In fact, the purpose of this is to make hidden frame curtain wall one of the biggest features of component construction.


2. Like structural glass assembly components, it must be produced in a professional production workshop, the effect will be better, the quality of glue injection will be better, and their processing accuracy will be more guaranteed, which can save silicone structural seals glue.


3. For example, its columns and beams are all cut by the manufacturer, so it is more convenient to process, and the precision is high, and the material will not be wasted.


4. The construction site must reduce the production of structural glass assembly components. This is a very important process, to shorten your construction period and reduce construction costs.


5. Columns, beams, and glass panels can be installed on site. At this time, it is more convenient to install, and it is easier to adjust.


China hidden frame curtain wall


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