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Project Specs

Product category: Semi hidden frame curtain wall


Type: Curtain Wall


Glass Curtain Wall Kind: Unitized/Stick/Spider


Design: Can Make According to Customer’s Design

About Semi hidden frame curtain wall:


Advantages of Semi hidden frame curtain wall:


1. Fast delivery


2. Competitive price


3. Years of trading experience


4. Professional designer team service


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Semi hidden frame curtain wall construction plan


Structure description and construction process


The curtain wall column is fixed to the embedded part by an adapter, and the curtain wall beam is connected with the column by bolts, and the frame is exposed.


The curtain wall is fixed to the keel of the curtain wall by an aluminum alloy bottom plate, and then bolted to the keel.


Glass curtain wall construction process:


Unpacking, inspection, sorting, and stacking of curtain wall components → on-site measurement and layout → column and beam blanking → floor connection


Installation → Column installation → Column leveling and adjustment → Installation of beams → Installation of glass plate → Installation of open fan injection glue


Glue→install decorative strip→clean→acceptance, delivery


Semi hidden frame curtain wall


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