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About China unitized curtain wall:


The main features of China unitized curtain wall:


1. Industrialized production, high assembly accuracy, effective construction period control, and significant economic and social benefits.


2. The unit adopts structural sealing, no need to fill sealant according to the size, the sealing is not affected by the weather, the main structure has strong adaptability to displacement, and is suitable for super high-rise, high-rise buildings and steel structures.


3. It has excellent air tightness, waterproofed, wind load deformation and plane deformation performance, and meets the high requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.


China unitized curtain wall of benefit:


1. Light weight: The weight of the China unitized curtain wall is generally 60 kg per square meter, which is lighter than the curtain wall made of concrete, ceramic tiles and slabs. The China unitized curtain wall can replace traditional concrete, bricks and other materials, and can reduce the weight of the outer wall of the building by about 5 times. On the one hand, the height of the building can be increased under the same foundation conditions, on the other hand, the transportation volume and transportation cost of materials during the construction process can be reduced, and the construction cost of the building can be solved.


2. Improve the seismic performance of the building: The China unitized curtain wall is lighter than concrete and bricks. At the same time, due to the suspension structure, floating nodes, etc., the seismic performance of the building's peripheral protection system is very superior. The adaptability of inter-story displacement. The curtain wall can improve the safety and disaster prevention performance of the building.


3. Realize building industrialization: The construction and on-site installation of China unitized curtain wall buildings are simple, fast and civilized. 90% of the China unitized curtain wall processing can be completed in the factory, with few manual operations, high labor productivity, the construction process is hardly affected by climatic conditions, and the installation process does not require scaffolding. The construction site is cleaner and the construction completion time is shorter, realizing the industrialization of the building.


4. Recycling of raw materials: The main materials of China's unitized curtain wall are steel, aluminum, glass and other building materials, all of which are green building materials that can be recycled through the furnace. This bulk building material is recycled as an environmentally friendly building material that cannot be ignored in development.


5. Glass is the only building material with high transparency and good visual effects: a basic function of the building's periphery is to meet users' requirements for transparency, lighting and vision. Only glass can meet this humanized requirement. The China unitized curtain wall, as the mirror glass for the exterior wall decoration of the building, can absorb infrared rays, reduce the solar radiation entering the room, and lower the indoor temperature. It can reflect light like a mirror and transmit light like glass. Under the reflection of light, the room is not illuminated by strong light and appears soft.


China unitized curtain wall


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